18. august 2017 arkiv

Punkarkæologi: The Terrorways

18. august 2017

“Starting out as rooter, they were the start of the second wave of New Zealand punk bands, formed by fans of the first wave. Original line-up was John No-One (vocals), Peter Hoffman (guitar), Kerry Buchanan (drums), and Jonathan Jamrag (bass). They appeared at Zwines in April 1978 and, as with all the second wave, were extremely rough to begin with. Throughout their career they played almost only covers, but became immensely popular, especially with the underage drinkers at The Windsor and The Globe. A fact which led to mass arrests. Jamrag left in July ’78 to form The Atrocities, and Ronnie Recent stood in for a while until Chris Orange (bass) and Dean Martelli (guitar) joined In September 78. Forced by a lack of bookings to change their name from Rooter to The Terrorways, the band continued unchanged until Buchanan left at the end of ’78 and was replaced by Gary Hunt (Gary Havoc and The Hurricanes). Did a national tour, recorded two tracks for AK79, She’s A Modand Never Been to Borstal, plus a single, Short Haired Rock ‘n’ Roll (Ripper Rip 1) and then split. Hoffman and Hunt joined Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) in The Sobs and Orange ended up in The Features.”

Rockarkæologerne bliver ved med at grave og finder mere eller mindre glemte stykker af fortidens guld. Her gælder det new zealandske Terrorways, der angiveligt tilhørte punkens anden bølge derned down under. Charmerende og frisk er det.

Overcoats på verdenscafeen

18. august 2017

De to kvinder i Overcoats bliver ved med at rumstere under radaren med synkron, lækker popsang.