15. september 2017 arkiv

Signe Toly Anderson – 75

15. september 2017

Signe Toly Anderson – Jefferson Airplanes første sangerinde – døde sidste år i januar måned, men ville være fyldt 75 år i dag, hvis ellers skæbnen havde været en anden.

“She was our den mother in the early days of the Airplane. A voice of reason on more occasions than one, an important member of our dysfunctional little family.” – Jorma Kaukonen

Hæmningsløst, ustyrligt, vildt … rock and roll med Gun Club

15. september 2017

Mere Beach Boys: Sloop John B.

15. september 2017

“A lot of people don’t think this fits with Pet Sounds. But really, what does fit with Pet Sounds? You can’t even present the argument. All I know is, Sloop John B is a happy tune that really works.

“Billy Strange and Glen Campbell were on guitars. I think it was Billy’s idea to do sort of a two-guitar thing in the front, which Brian Wilson liked a lot. It’s a great band, with Hal Blaine on drums and Lyle Ritz, who’s playing the string bass – I’m playing the electric bass.

“Brian encouraged me to move around with my parts. He liked the bass to be non-static and energetic. What’s funny is, I never knew he was a bassist. I always thought of him as a piano player who knew how to write for other instruments. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered he could play bass.”

Vi skal ikke slippe Pet Sounds med det samme. Et sted på nettet, der kalder sig musikradaren, opremser den kendte studiemusiker, bassisten Carol Kaye, ti indspilninger, som hun er mest tilfreds med. Og en af dem er “Sloop John B”, der jo er med på Beach Boys-albummet.

Would’nt it be nice – helt nøgen og vokalt

15. september 2017

Når man hører denne skrabede vokaludgave af “Would’nt it be nice”, forstår man, hvorfor Paul McCartney beundrede – grænsende til misundende – Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds-album. Vokalharmonier fra før autotune-æraen. Ubesværede, lette og magiske.