16. marts 2018 arkiv

Neil Young om afskedturneer: Bullshit

16. marts 2018

When I retire, people will know, because I’ll be dead. They’ll know, “He’s not coming back! He retired.” But I’m not gonna say, “I’m not coming back.” What kind of bullshit is that? [Neil Young til Rolling Stone]

Hvad kunne man forvente sig andet af evigtunge Young?

Råd til unge sangskrivere

16. marts 2018

Don’t worry so much about rhymes. Try to please yourself, and don’t think about commercial stuff. I think if you write from your own gut, you’ll come up with something interesting, whereas if you sit around guessing what people want, you end up with the kind of same schlock that everybody else has got. [John Prine i Rolling Stone]