27. oktober 2018 arkiv

Jimi Hendrix-jam…

27. oktober 2018

I was in the same circle, had the same manager as Jimi Hendrix at that point, when I was in the Soft Machine. We all lived in Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles] and Jimi was going to play at TTG Studios. I had met him a few times, and I went with a guy I was working with. We walked into the control room of the studio, and there he was. He was leaning up against the window, playing full on — at fantastic volume — dressed as he was in those days, with a feather in his hat and all the rest of it.

As soon as he stopped, he walked into the control room and we all said hello. I was also friends with Mitch Mitchell, his drummer, and I walked out into the studio and picked up a guitar and started jamming with Mitch. So we were just jamming along, and Jimi came out, picked up the bass and started playing bass with me. We went on for a while like that, then he decided he had to play lead guitar [laughs]. [Andy Summers, guitarist i The Police m.fl.]

Lou Reed in memoriam

27. oktober 2018

Fem år er gået, siden Lou Reed døde. Men musikken er der stadigvæk, og sporene han satte sig i tidens toneklang. Her med “Street Hassle” fra albummet af samme navn. Et album, der måske ikke helt fik den opmærksomhed, det fortjente…