11. marts 2019 arkiv


11. marts 2019

King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Peter Gabriel og mange andre har gjort det. Lavet sange, hvor rytmen 7/4 indgår. Og mange af sangene har været succesfulde, ja nogle endda hitlistemateriale, som de to eksempler ovenfor. Igen er det avisen Guardian, der har undersøgt sagen. Og der er sikkert rigtig mange andre, hvis man lytter godt efter.

Sådan blev “Green Onions” til…

11. marts 2019

One Sunday, we were supposed to be working with a singer called Billie Lee Riley, but something hadn’t worked out. He’d packed up and left, so we had the studio to ourselves. We started playing around with a piano groove I’d been performing in the clubs, trying to emulate Ray Charles. It sounded better on the organ, so I kept on playing that. Stax owner Jim Stewart liked what we were doing and wanted to put it out. Then it occurred to him that we needed a flip-side.

So I started playing another bluesy riff I had. This was how Green Onions began. That band – Al Jackson on drums, Lewie Steinberg on bass, Steve Cropper on guitar – was a once-in-a-lifetime unit. We clicked because of our devotion to simplicity. The bassline was basic 12-bar blues. Al was a human metronome on the drums. Lewie called this doodling jam Funky Onions, but Jim’s sister said: “We can’t use that word.” To laced-up, deep-south conservative America, it sounded like a cuss word. So we retitled it Green Onions.

Booker T. Jones (Hammond-organist, saxofonist, pianist m.m. ) fortæller historien (til avisen Guardian) om et af de mest berømte instrumentalnumre i rockens historie, “Green Onions” med Booker T. and the MGs.