Stella – datter af Paul McCartney

7. april 2012

“It was just Dad’s job. He would come home, he’d made a song, you would listen to it, you liked it, you didn’t like it, it went on an album, the album got released, it pretty much charted instantly, we pretty much always saw him on the telly—it’s just what happened. My dad jokes that when I was young we were in Scotland and he was on telly and I turned around and I’m like . . . [laughs] “You’re Paul McCartney!” It was a bit weird. And I remember another time when I said to him, “Dad, put that song in the charts, make it go to number one,” and he was like, “It doesn’t work like that.” So I think we were always connecting the dots since I was a kid.”

Stella McCartney om at være datter af Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney – I lost my little Girl – Unplugged

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