Bob Dylan – ikke nogen bowlingpartner

11. februar 2013

"Bob Dylan was at my very first show at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village. I had met Dylan at Carly Simon’s flat when I went along with Kristofferson. Dylan turned up riding his motorcycle, at a time he didn’t want to be seen much. I thought he was just a quiet, unassuming guy. People at Carly’s place were playing on their guitars and he started singing along to one of my songs. My debut album had literally just come out but it turned out that producer Jerry Wexler had sent Dylan an early copy. Dylan then came to the Bitter End, carrying a bunch of harmonicas, and said he just wanted to be a sideman. I was knocked out at simply being in New York, so to have Dylan play with me seemed surreal. We’ve met a few times since, every 10 years or so, and always had fun, but he’s not like someone I go bowling with."

John Prine

John Prine – Souvenirs

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