Da the Kinks slog Beatles af hitlistepinden – Sunny Afternoon

7. september 2013

I’d bought a little white upright piano second hand. I hadn’t written for a time. I’d been quite ill. It’s chromatic … writing scales practically on the piano. I was living in a very 60s-decorated house. It had orange walls and green furniture. My one-year-old was crawling around on the floor and I wrote the opening riff. I remember it vividly. I was even wearing a polo-neck sweater. All the times when I’ve had big success it’s been at a time when I’m either ill or miserable or we’re stuck (…)  It was a joy to have a hit with “Sunny Afternoon”. England won the World Cup and we knocked “Paperback Writer” off the No 1 spot. It’s not one of their greatest singles but … it was quite significant.

Ray Davies til The Guardian

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