Brian Eno om The Velvet Underground

17. april 2016

Lydtroldmanden Brian Eno fortæller om sin yndlingsmusik til magasinet Quietus og kommer bl.a. ind på, hvorfor Velvet Undergrounds tredje album gjorde så stort et indtryk på ham:

“…the third album was the one that really killed me. The first album was quite wild and dark and weird, the second album was mad and intense. But the third album was so gentle and beautiful, but because you knew their history there was that undertone of violence and rage, something trying to burst out. Even on the love songs on this – and many of them are love songs – you hear that real tension. What made me think I could do it too was that the songs were simple and the playing was so simple. There’s very little artifice at all in this. But also the mood was something that I thought I could kind of connect to.

En fin og meget præcis karakteristik, synes jeg.

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