45 år: Blue

28. juni 2016

Blue [Reprise, 1971]
As Joni grooves with the easy-swinging elite-rock sound of California’s pop aristocrats, her relation to their (and her own) easy-swinging sexual ethic becomes more probing. But thoughtfulness isn’t exactly making her sisterly–I’ve even heard one woman complain that she can’t sing Joni’s melodies any more. Well, too bad–they’re getting stronger all the time, just like the lyrics. From the eternal ebullience of “All I Want” to the month-after melancholy of “Blue,” this battlefront report on the fitful joys of buy-now pay-later love offers an exciting, scary glimpse of a woman in a man’s world. A (Robert Christgau)

Jeg har omtalt albummet, fx da det fyldte 40 Ã¥r. Nu runder det de 45 – og er stadigvæk et af de album, jeg skal have med pÃ¥ min øde ø, nÃ¥r klimaforandringerne nødvendiggør flytningen.

Joni Mitchell – Blue from Stephan Rether on Vimeo.

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