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7. september 2017

Også min helt Loudon Wainwright er kommet i memoirealderen og har nedskrevet sine Liner Notes: On Parents & Children, Exes & Excess, Death & Decay, & a Few of My Other Favorite Things,der er udkommet på Blue Rider Press. Oxford American Magazine bringer et uddrag af bogen, hvor Loudon blandt andet fortæller om den skæbne, der blev albummet Attempted Moustache (et af mine favoritalbum) til del:

The record was a flop. Radio stations wanted to know why there wasn’t a funny animal song. The reviews were mixed, though Robert Christgau, of The Village Voice, gave it an A minus. In my opinion a number of my best songs are on it, including “Down Drinkin’ At The Bar,” “Lullabye,” “The Man That Couldn’t Cry,” and the aforementioned “Swimming Song.” A lot of people I played the record for, including my parents and my manager Milt Kramer, felt Attempted Mustache was over-produced and mixed badly. “It’s hard to hear the lyrics,” my father complained, and looking back, I think that’s a fair criticism. Still, the album has a loose, ramshackle feel to it, and some people like it a lot, including my daughter Martha, who has discerning taste. The photo on the front cover is pretty cool. We were driving around Nashville with the photographer Marshall Fallwell looking for a location to shoot in, when suddenly we drove past a funeral home—and there on the front lawn were a pair of plaster polar bears, each one holding an armful of plaster snowballs. I kicked off my shoes and posed next to one of them, flashing a stupid grin underneath the half-assed mustache I was attempting to raise at that time.

Anerkendt af kritikken, men et kommercielt flop. Sådan er det gået mange albums gennem tiden.

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