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22. august 2018

“I went to Memphis, Cincinnati and then Detroit. I was playin’ when I was 13 or 14; my stepfather taught me how to play. What I’m playing now, he taught me. Nobody else plays this style; I got it all to myself. They  tries; they get  close, but…a lot of guitarists get  good; they’re fantastic, beautiful, really fast, but a lot of them just sound alike. You got to tell your own story, like I tell  my  own. You hear one of these guys, you heard ’em all. They sound like B.B. King, or like Jimi Hendrix. They ain’t themselves. You got to sound like yourself. You may not be fantastic, or fast; but if you got a  different style…nobody  sound like John Lee Hooker” (Q, 1990)


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