Labour tabte valget med Corbyn…

19. december 2019

…men det handler om at sætte de rigtige spor for eftertiden:


To Jeremy Corbyn MP – leader of the Labour PartyAs artists and writers, we would like to thank you for raising political awareness in our country to a level not seen since the end of World War II. Your humanity, courage and insight have mobilised a new generation of socialist activists.Much of our work reflects the world we live in and, as leader of the Labour Party, you have inspired and energised us for the future.The media has been atrocious in the recent election and, in the face of provocation, we congratulate you for keeping your dignity and clarity.You will never be forgotten.SincerelyKen Loach – film directorBrian Eno – musician/producerGrime 4 CorbynNigel Kennedy – musicianKen Livingstone – writer and ex-Mayor of LondonAlexei Sayle – writer and comedianA L Kennedy – writerMichael Rosen – writer/poetFrancesca Martinez – comedianPeter Kennard – artistMatthew Collings – painter and art criticVictoria Brittain – writerLouise Christian – writer/ human rights lawyerHabib Ahmadi – writerJacky Alty – glass artistSue Angus – artistTessa Angus – photographer/musicianAnthony Anaxagorou – poetAnne Aylor – writerFrank Barat – writerGerry Barnett – musicianGreta Berlin – sculptorHeather Bird – musicianCecily Bomberg – writerRichard Bradbury – writerJezz Brown – writerCarol Browne – writerEmma Catnip – musicianKlaudija Cermak – writer/artistJulia Chantrell – artistPenny Crichton-Seager – artistNigel Clark – musician/former ‘Dodgy’Frank Darnley – sculptorNeil Devlin – writerAnnie Duarte – theatre directorValerie Driscoll – artistNeil Faulkner – archaeologist/writerOdette Farrell – artistAndrew Feinstein – writerNicola Field – writerMary Finnigan – writerMatt Foot – writerOwen Gallagher – poetDonald Gardner – poetLindsey German – writerIan Graham – writer/computer scientistLana Grant – writerAdrian Green – poetKevin Higgins – writerAmanda Hunter – silversmithTansy Hoskins – writerRobert Ilson – poetStuart Inman – poet/photographer/writerKatherine Jameson – painterThusitha Jayasundera – actorPallo Jordan – writer and Minister in Mandela’s SA governmentJudith Kahn – writer/musicianRonnie Kasrils – writer and Minister in Mandela’s SA governmentPenny Kealey – artistAlice Kilroy – banner makerNatasha Koczy – musicianRichard Kuper – writerSimon Leibowitz – photographer/educatorMaxine Linnell – writerTom Loffill – painter/musicianVanessa Lucas-Smith- musicianLee Mark-Jones – Theatre of the WildAnna Mazotta – artistKathleen McCreery – writer/playwright/directorSusan Medina – writerRussell Mills – artistNak Modak – actorLes Monaghan – photographerBrendan Montague – Editor, The EcologistMerilyn Moos – writerDeicola Neves – musicianMaggie Nicols – musicianMia Nisbet – fashion designerRebecca O’Brien – film producerMiriam O’Donovan – director Speakeasy Sessions, SkibbereenMatt Panesh – writerHekate Papadaki – writerJamie Perera – composer/producerBilly Radford – artistJohn Rees – writerSelese Roche – poetEmma Rowell – independent bookshopDilshini Sandhu – musicianSabby Sagall – writerTim Sanders – illustrator/cartoonistDavid Seeger – ceramics artistNabil Shaban – actorSarah Shore – illustratorAngela Tapping – poetTheresa Tomlinsion – writerGreg Tree – musician/artistAndy Turner – musicianMichael Walling – Border Crossings, Artistic DirectorMat Watkinson – voice artist/former DJRoy Weard -writer/musicianSamantha Welstead-Wood – illustratorRichard West – AKA Mr CMerryn Williams – poetIan Wilson – sound designerJohn Wilton – Prof. Intern. RelationsDavid Wilson – writerJan Woolf – writerHaifa Zangana – Iraqi writerAnd many people who are not artists or writers. Let engineer Phil Smith speak for them: “Although I’m not an artist or poet I would like to the thank Jeremy Corbyn and this post just about says it all.”We are receiving many requests to add names to this list and will regularly update the letter.

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