Corporate Rock – i følge Frank Zappa

8. september 2009

“My recollection of the development of the history of rock n’ roll music is that from the point where the songs were being performed by young performers – note, not old blues singers or jazz musicians – teenagers started doing it and recording it. Basically, they did a bunch of songs about their girl friends. And that was fairly real. That was the early days of doo-wop music. And from then on they started getting corporate assistance, first from the guys with the cigars sticking out of their mouths in the Brill Building who said, hey I could write one of those. They realized that the biggest profit from a record is in the writing and publishing. You started seeing more of a business involvement of people who really didn’t care about a song about … fill the girl’s name in the blank for the title of the song. It was just, o.k, I know what the style is and because I am a professional songwriter I can do this. This eventually turned into corporate rock. So, there is nothing classic about that as far as I am concerned. It is certainly valid and consumable lifestyle material and certainly reflects what is going on in the society – good, bad, and indifferent – the message is tucked away in the music. The goal of creating that kind of material is to make product, not to do composition. I always make a distinction between songwriters and composers.”.

mb har været så venlig at sende mig et link til et gammelt, men yderst interessant interview (1991) med Frank Zappa, hvor denne fremlægger sit syn på musikken.

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