8. august 2017 arkiv

Når det brune vand kommer…

8. august 2017

Sunny day flooding is a coastal phenomenon in which strong tides cause water to gush up from drains and beneath the ground, swamping basements and inundating roads. Rises in sea level due to melting ice-caps are making it an increasingly common occurrence in Florida, where some residential areas are experiencing it on an almost monthly basis. These communities are canaries in the mine, already living with the stark realities of climate change that some still deny is happening. On a planet the surface of which is 70% water, in which the temperature of oceans drives our weather systems, we will all be affected by global warming unless we act now to limit the damage done. [Billy Bragg]



Filthy Friends: R.E.M. møder Sleater-Kinney møder…

8. august 2017

R.E.M. er derværre fortid, men guitaristen Peter Buck er klar med et nyt “superband” Filthy Friends bestående af ham selv og medlemmer fra Sleater-Kinney, Minus 5 og Fastbacks. I denne måned kommer supergruppens første plade Invitation, der lugter lidt af både R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney og andet. Lovende.