Roger Waters om Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band og Beatles’ betydning

1. maj 2015

Roger Water fortæller til radiostationen KLCS. PInk Floyd indspillede deres Piper at the Gates of Dawn i Abbey Road Studierne pÃ¥ samme tidspunkt som Beatles indspillede Sgt. Pepper-albummet. Men Waters og resten af Pink Floyd hørte først Beatlespladen efter…

“I remember pulling the car over into a lay-by, and we sat and listened. Somebody played the whole thing on the radio. I remember sitting in this old beat-up Zephyr 4, just completely stunned.

“I learned a lot from protest music when I was a young teenager. But I learned from John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison that it was okay for us to write about our lives, what we felt, to express ourselves.”

Referring to the era when impresarios including Larry Parnes manufactured stars who performed songs written for them in Tin Pan Alley, he reflects: “We didn’t need someone to tell us what to sing and how to sing it.”

That vital lesson crystallised in Floyd’s 1973 masterpiece The Dark Side Of The Moon. Waters explains: “We’d cracked it. That was the first thing we’d made that was really beautifully crafted – but also, significantly, it was about a lot of things.

“That’s what’s made it stand the test of time.”

Sådan vedgår man arv og gæld med manér. Well done.

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