Dagens citat: om bluesens fremtid eller mangel på samme

3. august 2015

I worry about the future of blues music whether you are black or white. If they don’t hear it like I did and listen to it and don’t know about it — you ever been to Louisiana where they cook all this gumbo? [..] So if you never tasted it, you wouldn’t love it. That’s what’s happening with the blues. Now, the young people don’t know nothing about it unless — I know satellite [radio] do play blues, but we need more than that. I tell everybody I would love to hear Muddy Waters twice a week. I’m not telling you to play him all day, all night; just play him. Let the young people know where it all started. Buddy Guy

Sådan skulle det da helst ikke gå, så vi må hellere spille the blues lidt mere. Måske kan vi nå et par af de unge, der ikke kender til denne forudsætning for moderne populærmusik. 

Har man fået lyst til mere, så kan man passende (gen)se Martin Scorseses dokumentar om the blues.


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