Rockkritiker Robert Christgau har læst Pete Townshends erindringer…

28. oktober 2012

Rockkritikeren Robert Christgau – rockens svar pÃ¥ Poul Borum og denne blogs kritikerdarling – har læst Pete Townshends "Who I am". Og Christgau lægger ikke fingre imellem:

"With over 500 pages of text subdivided (by my hand count) into something over 380 sections that seldom exceed two or three pages, the book hops along indefatigably, gathering explanatory mojo only by accrual, even as to his Who bandmates and his long-suffering wife, Karen. There are so many studios! So many yachts! So many enticing beauties! He loves every one of them! But why, exactly? Even when we glimpse the answer, we forget it 20 pages later." Hele Christgaus anmeldelse kan hentes ned som podcast – lige her.

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