Graham Nash Рmusikkens magi og starten p̴ the Hollies

17. oktober 2013

Vi er inde i rock- og popbiografiernes tidsalder. Mange af de “gamle” i gÃ¥rde er nu sÃ¥ gamle, at de skriver biografier – med eller uden hjælp af ghostwriters. En af dem er Graham Nash – the Hollies og Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Titlen er Wild Tales. Den er noteret op pÃ¥ ønskelisten.

“I was about 15 years old; Allan [Clarke, founding member of The Hollies] and I were attending a Catholic schoolgirls’ dance on a Saturday evening. I remember going down the stairs and giving the young lady our tickets. ‘You Send Me’ by had just stopped playing, and of course that was a slow dance where every boy and girl were feeling each other up and getting close and the teachers were trying to separate them. So the song finished and the ballroom floor cleared, and Allan and I saw a friend across the way that we both wanted. And we got halfway across the floor and ‘Bye Bye Love’ by The Everly Brothers came on — and it stopped us in our tracks. We sang together, so we knew what two-part harmony was, but this sounded so unbelievably beautiful. They’re brothers, of course, and they’re from Kentucky and have these beautiful accents. They could harmonize unbelievably, very much like , who they probably learned from. And ever since that day, I decided that whatever music I was going to make in the future, I wanted it to affect people the same way The Everly Brothers’ music affected me on that Saturday night.”

Рfra et interview p̴ NPR med Nash om bogen

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