Ringos erindringer er en plade: Postcards from Paradise

4. april 2015

Til avisen Liverpool Echo fortæller Ringo, at han ingen planer har om at skrive sine erindringer. Hans erindringer kommer på plade med den nye skive Postcards from Paradise. Helt forfriskende at høre nogen, der ikke vil skrive endnu en biografi. Og i den forbindelse fortæller Ringo, at han savner sine ‘brødre’ i The Beatles.

“We made some great music and I am really proud of it to this day…I could keep the peace – if ever there was an explosion within the Beatles, usually we got back together in my house and that is how it was.

“We all had personality. We were four brothers. We all loved each other deeply but you get up one morning, you are in a bad mood and it just gets too big and things happen.

“I was in a band suddenly with three brothers. Yeah, I do miss the others – you can’t not miss your brothers.”

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