En 40-Ã¥rs-jubilar: David Bowie – Station to station

24. januar 2016

Station to station udkom i går for fyrre år siden. Albummet betragtes i bagklogskabens blakkede lys som et overgangsalbum, der danner forbindelse med Bowies soulinfluerede Young Americans og den krautrock- og electronicainspirerede trilogi fra Berlin. Samtidig er Station to station et hovedværk i Bowies produktion. Robert Christgau løfter også tommelfingeren i sin forbrugerguide:

Miraculously, Bowie’s attraction to black music has matured; even more miraculously, the new relationship seems to have left his hard-and-heavy side untouched. Ziggyphiles can call it robotoid if they want–I admire the mechanical, fragmented, rather secondhand elegance of Aladdin Sane, and this adds soul. All of the six cuts are too long, I suppose, including the one that originated with Johnny Mathis, and David sounds like he’s singing to us via satellite. But spaceyness has always been part of his shtick, and anybody who can merge Lou Reed, disco, and Huey Smith–the best I can do with the irresistible “TVC 15”–deserves to keep doing it for 5:29. A

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