Patti Smith om Bob Dylans “Modern Times”

30. august 2006

Well I was sitting on my window sill, watching
the sky shifting, when a messenger arrived with
a copy of the new Bob Dylan album.
I gave old Glenn Gould a rest and put Modern
Times in my player. To this day, it still
feels funny sliding a CD in place instead
of setting a record on the turntable.
It was always exciting, that first moment, when the
needle connected with the vinyl groove. The first CD
I ever heard was an experimental one, a long time
ago, with Rainy Day Women on it. I just shook my head
and said “nope. it will never take off. nobody will give
up playing records.” Nostradamus I am not.
In any event, there are two handsome portraits of Bob in
the packaging. I like the song called Ain’t Talkin’.
Like walking alongside Bob hearing him thinking.
It was nice to get a special copy brought to my door.
It kind of made up for all those bus rides
in the mid-sixties, through Camden into Philadelphia,
to stand for hours in line just to buy a copy of
Highway 61 and Blonde on Blonde. It was always
worth it though. I was never disappointed.

fra Pattis hjemmeside. Jeg kan kun tilføje: Amen!

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