Chrissie Hynde om musikindustrien

4. august 2009

I don’t know why people like Clear Channel and record companies were giving millions of dollars in advances. It’s just stupid. It’s embarrassing. I don’t even know why rock musicians should be getting paid more than doctors. It’s just entertainment. I’m doing this, I’m not waitressing so, you know, why should I get overly rewarded? I already get to do what I want. I mean, I’m not going to give the money back. I certainly don’t feel doom and gloom. I’m delighted that any industry can destroy itself with its own greed.”. Av, den sad! Resten her.

by pierrot77
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  1. Torben BoP. kommentarer:

    Glimrende sagt.
    – Syntes nok osse der var et Avenger tema i den video :-)

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