Dagens citat: Jeff Lynne

3. november 2015

” But this record, Alone In The Universe, is about exactly that: being the loneliest thing in the universe. The songs on this album are all about loneliness and stuff like that. And I got it, really, by thinking back to my favourites when I was a kid. Del Shannon and Roy Orbison. Roy Orbison was unbelievable, my all-time favourite. See, I’ve been a producer as well as making my own records, and to work with Roy Orbison on ‘You Got It’, to produce it and write the song, was fantastic. I couldn’t ever wish for anything more fun than that. And he was such a lovely guy. But he died just a month after his song had just gone in the Top 10. So he never got to see it get to No.5.”

Jeff Lynne har snakket med The Quietus

Der er vist ingen vej udenom. Jeg må have fat i det nye album med Lynne og ELO. Her er bandet fra 1971 – Overture…


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