Apropos David Bowies fødselsdag

8. januar 2012


Dear Suzy,

Thank you for your letter.

Please forgive the amount of time that has elapsed since I received it but as you know I am either on the road performing or in the studio recording singles and albums until I sit down with a stack of fan mail every two or three weeks, I don’t realise how much has accumulated.

At the moment I am finishing me new album and I hope you are enjoying "Rebel Rebel", which will be included in the album. I am mad on it. Hope you are.

I want you to all know and tell your mates that the mail I’ve been receiving about performing live again is starting to get to me. I can’t promise but I think you lot will lure me back!

You know it is your letters and cards and applause after each show which makes me able to carry on and devise new ideas and schemes to entertain you and make me happy. DON’T EVER STOP.

Love on ya!

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  1. Tina - omme i London kommentarer:

    Jeg burde virkelig gaa om paa Beckenham High Street og tage et billede for dig i dagens anledning. Der haenger en plaque paa vores High Street, hvor David Bowie startede sin fantastiske karriere. Happy Birfday Mr Stardust! :)

  2. capac kommentarer:

    @Tina: Gør det!

  3. Tina - omme i London kommentarer:

    Saa fik du dit billede soede: http://twishart.blogspot.com/2012/02/beckenham-high-street.html :)

  4. capac kommentarer:

    @Tina: Mange tak! Den vil jeg da smide op på siden med det samme! :)

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