Dansemusik til en varm dag – i følge Pet Shop Boys

23. juli 2013


It was the first gay club I ever went to, I think, and it was called Chaguaramas [it later became the punk hangout the Roxy]. Me and two friends lived in this flat in Tottenham and we used to dress up on Saturday nights and take the Victoria line in to the West End. This was before the clone era and it was very glamorous. They used to play Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone, the full-length, which took up a whole side of the record. I remember thinking how unbelievably exciting, sophisticated and amazing the music sounded. And that’s the first time as a sort of adult that I really appreciated dance music.” 

Neil Tennant, Pet Shop Boys
I forbindelse med udgivelsen af deres nye, kritikerroste album Electric, har The Guardian bedt Tennant og Chris Lowe om at nævne de 10 dansehit, de holder mest af. En af dem er The Temptations og deres gamle hit “Papa was a rolling stone”

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