Mary Gauthier om at skrive sange

23. oktober 2014

Mary Gauthier: I’m not sure I write the hard ones. I write the real ones. We all struggle … So many people tend to say my songs are sad. I’ve had conversations [with people about] the idea that they’re not sad or happy. They’re real. We look at it, the categories are wrong. I don’t think art really fits into the happy and sad categories. That’s kind of Disney, you know. A good song can go through many emotions. When you stay real, you open yourself up to feeling a lot of things that may exist in tough situations. It’s kind of a can opener to pry you open, to let the emotion out, to feel the rainbow. There’s not just happy or sad. There are so many more [emotions]. That black and white thing is a problem. I: No depression

Trouble and Love hedder Gauthiers seneste album, der ganske rigtigt er blevet opfattet som “trsit” af flere anmeldere…

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