En sang der formede hans liv: Wilko Johnson

6. februar 2020

“I got cancer, when was it? Five years ago was it? I was told I had less than a year to live – 10 months they said. They said that they couldn’t do anything for me. In fact, this was the beginning of one of the greatest years of my life laughs waiting to die from cancer! Many, many strange things happened to me that year. One of them was that Roger Daltrey got in touch. Roger phoned me and said ‘listen we should make an album together’ and I said ‘we better do it quick!’

“So, this song, I was almost due to die and I’m in the studio working with Roger. Every now and then I used to go for a walk outside – it was out in the country this studio – and look at the stars, look at the trees and think ‘come on, is this weird or what?! I’m making an album with Roger Daltrey, I’m gonna die quite soon and it’s all a bit too much to take in!’ I didn’t die, obviously, because I’m sitting here talking now. My life was saved by Addenbrooke’s hospital. In an 11-hour operation, they removed this tumour from my stomach that weighed three kilograms and it was the size of a melon. They saved my life. Thank you once again Addenbrooke’s hospital and everybody there.” [Wilko Johnson]


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